RYPT / Program and Support

Take your programming to the next level.

Use our fully customizable exercise database to power your programming and quickly build a wide range of personalized programs with our bespoke tools.

Include smart-metrics in your workout templates that will automatically personalize the workout loads based on the receiving individual's fitness levels.

Provide your clients / athletes with an easy-to-follow schedule and the support they need to succeed.


Exercise Database

Prevent injury and improve compliance with an exercise videos.

Everything you need to provide absolute clarity to your clients / athletes. Our exercise database of over 900 exercises is completely customizable so you have the flexibility to meet your needs no matter how niche they are.

  • Save time building workouts with pre-defined exercises that you can tailor to your own needs.
  • Customize exercises or create your own to program and monitor anything you need to give your clients / athletes the edge.
  • Use our exercise  technique video database with over 130 videos or upload your own branded exercise technique videos to support your clients / athletes during their workout.

Workout Builder

Build personalized workouts, fast.

Whether you're working with a casual gym-goer who just wants to improve their fitness levels, or an elite athlete looking to optimize their performance to compete at the top level, our user-friendly workout builder will allow you to build a large variety of persoanlized workout programs extremely quickly.


  • Build smart-metrics into your programs which will individualize loads based on each athlete's current records.
  • Provide your clients / athletes with specific and personalized loads so they have everything they need to succeed.
  • Reduce the time you spend programming while offering greater personalization with workout templates that can be quickly copied and edited.

Program Builder

Make it easier for your clients / athletes to succeed.

Not understanding what has to be done and when, or not being able to access their program conveniently are barriers that impact client / athlete compliance and limit results. Make it easy for them and schedule everything they need in a format they can understand.


  • Combine workouts and other content (PDF and video) into an organised schedule, and plan multiple weeks programming at a time.
  • Save time by sending all of this content to individuals or groups of clients / athletes in a few clicks.
  • Provide your clients / athletes with a clear schedule and supporting material so they know exactly what they need to do to succeed.