RYPT / Pricing

Flexible pricing so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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Ultimate flexibility.

  • We understand that client numbers can vary from month-to-month, so we want to give you full flexibility in choosing which subscription plan is right for you in any given month.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your plan month-to-month by managing your user numbers. You can even return to a free account at any stage without losing any of your programs or content.
  • Alternatively, sell your programs through RYPT without committing to a subscription plan and only pay when you sell.

Try it before you buy it.

  • Trial RYPT with a single user for free... forever. Meaning you can create an account for free and invite 1 client / athlete to join you.
  • Trial the full product functionality before committing to a paid subscription plan when you want to add multiple clients / athletes.

What you're getting with RYPT /

Manage and Grow

  • Trainer profile
  • Gym profile
  • Unlimited coaches
  • Multiple locations / squads
  • Client / athlete management
  • Online program sales [coming soon]
  • Payment processing [coming soon]


Program and Support

  • Exercise database
  • Over 130 exercise technique videos
  • Workout builder
  • Program builder
  • Auto-personalization metrics
  • Supporting content delivery
  • Workout notes / feedback
  • Exercise tips / coaching cues


Monitor and Analyze

  • Client / athlete app
  • In-gym dashboard
  • Exercise records
  • Training volume monitoring
  • Training load (RPE) monitoring
  • Workout compliance
  • Body composition
  • Well-being questionnaire
  • Client / athlete profile
  • Group performance dashboards